Ed "Big Daddy" Roth

"Big Daddy" worked at Knott's Berry Farm for Don Treece in the sign shop. He had his own little room where I would go visit him.  There he was sitting on a chair made of a tractor seat welded to an old style car jack, if you need to adjust the height just jack it up a couple of times.   With a Lettering brush in one hand and a sandwich in the other he would be painting away.  His easel was adjustable as well, sliding up and down on emt tubing using a fishing rod as a wench.

I stopped by to visit "Big Daddy" and his son Dennis in Manti ,Utah.  You could see the Tabernacle from so far way, it's quite inspiring and the town is surrounded by it.  We walked down the street to a burger joint and had lunch.  They where traveling around the country at that point doing the car shows and working on a custom car in the smallest shop you could imagine.  Just enough room for a car in one part and stuff in the other.  We walked out to my van to leave when he stuck a rat fink sticker on my windshield, whipped out his pocket knife and trimmed off the extra background film.  I hated to sell that van because of the sticker.

Mr. Gasser

Rat Fink

Back Row: Unknown, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, Norm Everret, Don Treece

Front Row: Gary Zigler, Unknown, Bruce, Tom